Distribute in Japan

Does your company want to distribute Iot (Embedded) products in Japan? Flatoak can help your company initially at a low service charge.

IoT products

What kind of IoT products does your company offer?

Software Development products

Does your product need software tools support?


Flatoak is an established Japanese company that offers experience partnership.


Japanese customers require local support for any product distributed in Japan, small companies included.

IoT, and Tablet PC

iPhone Projector

Flatoak distributes iPhone Projector from a Hong Kong company.

$350.00 / each

Smart Tracker

Flatoak distributes Smart Tracker from a Chinese company.

$12.50 / each

Tablet PC (Windows or Android)

Flatoak offers Intel Tablet PC worldwide in small quantities, from a Chinese company.

$300.00 / each

Express Shipping

Flatoak offiers express shipping for our products.

$80.00 / Box